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Here is an interesting story from CNET's Community Hot Topic Newsletter...


What do you call the tissue paper you use to blow your nose? I call it "Kleenex." What do you call the flying disc that you throw around at the park? I call it a "Frisbee." When you tell someone to search the Internet for some information, how do you tell them? I say, "Google it." All these terms are brand names of products, but over time people eventually just came to use a brand name as a generic term for those items even though the products themselves could be named something else. So my question to you is, do you ever see this happening to "iPad"? Could it become the generic term for tablet regardless of whether it is actually an Apple iPad or not?

For me, I'm a tech gadget enthusiast. And to me "iPad" won't ever be a generic term for tablets, because when I say "iPad," I am referring to a specific tablet made by Apple. But my dad, who is a good representation of all who aren't that keen on tech, calls any tablet like device an "iPad"--not giving any thought to how confusing it is me. I tried explaining it to him, but eventually I just threw in the towel, as it's no use--iPad is set in his mind already as the generic term for all tablet devices.

What about you, do you think iPad will eventually become a generic term for tablet, just like how many people refer to all tissue paper as Kleenex? Or are you already calling all tablet devices iPads? What do you think Apple will think of this trend if it happens? Will this be good or bad for the brand? Check out what other people are saying in the response to CNET Blog Network author Amanda Kooser's latest blog post, "Friday Poll: Will iPad become generic for 'tablet'?" And when you're ready, share what you think with the rest of us!

-Lee Koo
Community Manager


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